Katie Hudson ParaPride

Katie Hudson



I have been Co-Chair and Interim Treasurer of ParaPride since 2021. I help ParaPride to maintain good financial and operational governance and that we build sustainable organisational models for the future. I also provide leadership to the organisation and the Board by ensuring everyone remains focused on the delivery of our charitable purposes to provide public benefit to the disabled LGBTQIA+ community. When I’m not volunteering at ParaPride, I am a senior executive working in the technology sector with a 20+ year career in global FTSE100 companies, and I am also on the Board of Trustees of both Autistica and ADHD Aware (Co-Chair). I initially got involved with these charities because of my personal connection to their missions – I am from the disabled LGBTQ+ community supported by ParaPride and I was a user of ADHD Aware meetings for about a year before getting involved with their Board, as I received a late Autism diagnosis a couple of years prior. Being diagnosed with various conditions later in life has had a profound impact on me in many ways, as well as opening my eyes to the many challenges that people with complex conditions face in society. I speak and write regularly and am proud to serve as an advocate for my communities within organisations, employers, service providers, and government.