Mzz Kimberley


Pronouns: she/her

Actress, singer, cabaret performer, a show business professional working in theatres, movies, TV, fashion and more. I am the founder of Mzz Kimberley’s LIFE, a trans, non-binary and intersex led production company highlighting and celebrating our trans community. I’m an equal rights campaigner and LGBTQ+ disability inclusion advocate.

Becoming an Ambassador to ParaPride was a huge honour. I first got involved with ParaPride after seeing a post on Facebook and decided to share it which attracted the ParaPride team. I shared it because I believe that all marginalised communities should support each other. We live in a society that isn’t structured for all. We don’t fit into the social construct, yet we are led to believe that we should. There is a constant battle for all marginalised communities, daily. We think that we all know each other but we don’t. This is why it’s important that society steps out of its comfort zone and speaks to someone from a different race, sexual orientation, disability, religion etc. You just might find we actually have a lot more in common than you think. We don’t have to like each other but we should learn to respect each other so we all can evolve in life for a better future. We must remember the world isn’t gonna stop for anyone. And no one deserves to suffer because they don’t fit into one main narrative.