Parallel Windsor Games Fundraiser

July 2nd 2023, Windsor Great Park.

ParaPride partook in the award-winning Parallel Windsor Games 2023. This was a positive and joyful outdoor community experience taking place in the iconic Windsor Great Park where people can come together, feel empower and visible during Pride and Disability Pride season. Team ParaPride pushed through their challenges to fundraise our goal of £2500.

Team ParaPride:

Daniele – 5km walk

Esi – 5km push

Nacho – 5km walk

Jeanne – 10km walk

Amy – 5km walk

Tea – Content creator

Jaiden – Content creator

The Parallel Windsor Games embraces the spirit of unity and inclusion, and ParaPride was there to represent. These games were all about celebrating diversity and breaking down barriers. Team ParaPride showcased their skills and proved that everyone, regardless of ability, deserves recognition. It was a powerful reminder that together, we can create a world where everyone feels valued.

Let’s also give a massive shoutout to Pladis Global, who provided delicious snacks for our team. Their support and belief in inclusivity made our day even more special. Thank you, Pladis Global, for fuelling our champions!

The Parallel Windsor Games 2023 was a milestone of triumph here at ParaPride. But this is just the beginning. Get ready for more incredible events and moments as we continue to spread love, kindness and inclusivity at ParaPride.