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Rainbow Disability Nepal aims to empower disabled LGBTI youths psychologically and economically by establishing Acceptance and Inclusion of Disabled LGBTI people in Nepal, RDN has been conducting a series of awareness and advocacy programs since 2021 through youth-led groups such as YKAP Nepal, advocacy sessions with Disability activists, advocacy with LGBTI activists and government officials too.

'During ParaPride's journey of advocating for the visibility, education and awareness of LGBTQ+ disabled people across the UK, we were fortunate enough to cross paths with Rainbow Disability Nepal (RDN), the first empowerment organisation representing and supporting the disabled LGBTIQ+ population in Nepal. Aside from sharing a very similar mission and goals, both ParaPride and RDN have an ambitious vision of connecting with different organisations, internationally, bringing visibility and promoting disability inclusion as one intersectional global community. ParaPride values and supports the essential work that RDN does in ensuring that basic human rights for the LGBTIQ+ Disability people are provided to its community across Nepal.'