Hello everyone my name is Daniel, my pronouns are he/him.

I am the co-founder and community engagement director of Parapride.

ParaPride is an empowerment charity we advocate for the visibility education and awareness of the LGBTQ+ disabled people.

 The need for ParaPride came from a very evident need to address the lack of inclusion for disabled people within the LGBTQ+ community, a need for more accessible LGBTQ spaces and the need to promote body positivity and being able to embrace that and celebrate that.

 Being LGBTQ plus and disabled can be an isolating experience we can feel unwelcome in LGBTQ spaces because of our disability or different from other disabled people because of from other disabled people because of our sexual orientation and gender Identity.

 We believe that every LGBTQ plus disabled person has the right to feel safe welcome and included.

July is disability pride month and we take any opportunity we can to promote the fact that our intersectional community has always existed although we’re often represented as a vulnerable community in need special assistance, we are also strong resilient creative talented individuals and we want to be seen that way.

We want to feel visible and accepted.

Happy disability pride month

Stay safe